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Weekend DIY Project: Lowel EGO Light

I really like using natural light for my food photos, with my mini box as a back up.  But sometimes the box just doesn’t let me do the type of set up that I want.  I came across this post at Steamy Kitchen and really like the effect of the lights, but the price, not so much.

So….. I thought I could try and make my own version.  Here’s what I came up with:


OttLite Natural Daylight CFL bulb 25w (= 100w conventional) ($12.99 from Hobby Lobby) and work light from Lowe’s (approx $10.00):

black corrugated plastic sheet, 20×30 vellum, box cutter (or exacto knife) scissors, duct tape and yard stick:

I cut the corrugated plastic to a size that would be slightly larger than the width of the lamp, then cut the vellum to the height of the plastic, leaving the width of the vellum to 30 inches.  Then I used duct tape to tape it to the plastic, giving it enough room to slide over the light.



This is with natural light: (no post processing)

This is with my new light: (no post processing)

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